Dopey Challenge Marathon

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Dopey Challenge Marathon Weekend

Craig Martin

Kristopher Pickett

Hello, my name is Craig Martin. I am husband to an amazing wife Amy, and father to three wonderful children ranging in age from 3, 6 and 14.

From January 6 to January 10, my friend Kristopher Pickett and I will be running in support of Hope 4 MVC Kids at the 2022 Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge. 

The event is a 4 day adventure in which you run through the Disney World properties, highways and Theme parks. 

Day 1 : 5 km run around the world at Disney’s Epcot 

Day 2 : 10 km through Disney Property and Epcot 

Day 3: Half Marathon 21 km through Epcot, Disney high-way and Magic Kingdom

Day 4: Marathon 42.1 km through All 4 Theme Parks, including Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios – highway and Disney properties. 

The Dopey Challenge and single race events attract tens of thousands of people every year. There are unique features to this race, besides being at Disney world. There are Character photo opportunities on course, local bands and entertainers, and of course the magic of Disney. This is most welcomed, as by the time you start the marathon, your legs are already fatigued from the previous days. 

I participated in the Dopey Challenge in 2020 for my first marathon. While there, I was inspired by the presence of runners, running for a cause. As we looked into the charities available via the race, we decided that we wanted to run and raise funds and awareness for a local charity. We will be running for Hope 4 MVC Kids with the inspiration that the magic of Disney will continue to provide Hope to families in need.

We will be taking a flight 4,467 kilometers away to run a total of 78.2 kilometers. It is our hope that our journey will indirectly help another family’s journey and it is our hope that others will find enjoyment in our experience via social media. Facebook : Getting Ready to Run the Dopey Challenge 

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible/ All Dreams are possible, if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney

My name is Kristopher Pickett and I am honoured to be taking part in my first Dopey Challenge Marathon Weekend this January 6th -10th in Orlando Florida.

Growing up, running always offered me a safe place to clear my thoughts while getting exercise at the same time. I never thought I’d take up running in my 40’s, however it has renewed an old passion while providing a framework to help improve both my physical and mental health.
There have been many challenges, injuries disappointments and doubts encountered on my running journey. I am thankful for the lessons endured a long the way, but very grateful for the ongoing encouragement and support of the running community when I needed it the most. There are children and families in our community who face greater challenges, who could use a helping hand, a little encouragement to help set them on their pathway to success.
On January 6th to the 10th, I will join Craig Martin on a new personal challenge, one that I am both excited for and terrified to take part in. However, I accept this challenge and do so in support of the the Hope 4 MVC Kids.