Hope and financial help for those most vulnerable

The Hope 4 MVC Kids Charity runs on determination, love and hope for local children and families that they get the support they need when they need it most!




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We strive to pay it forward by providing financial support to families with children in need, based on a foundation of compassion.

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We are dedicated to providing financial, therapeutic, and educational support to families of children in medical need.

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Hope 4 MVC Kids is a registered, non-profit society with a mission of providing financial support to families of children in medical need within Mountain View County.

Nine residents comprise the board, founded by Lisa Nicholson. The idea was born out of a fundraising campaign for her daughter. Says Lisa, “My family and I were overwhelmed by the kindness, compassion and generosity we found in our community.”

Two children in Lisa’s family have special needs, so she understands the financial implications and burdens required for hospitalization and the need for adaptive equipment. “We not only wanted to pay it back,” explains Lisa, “but also, pay it forward.”


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