Didsbury Family

The support of Hope4mvckids is going to be a real life changer for our youngest daughter. For being our fourth baby I really thought it would be a breeze… Well, I was so wrong. She has been a very challenging little gal from arrival onward. This year at her eye exam the doctor noticed some alignment and tracking issues with her eyes. She can see well but her brain has to work very hard to understand what she sees. The Dr recommended and encouraged us to look into vision therapy.

Doctor Adema probably saw the panic in my eyes when she mentioned the approximate cost and time commitment of it. She let us know that there was a caring group that may be able to help us called Hope For MountainView County Kids.

After some hesitation, we booked Joy in for a consult with the vision therapy team in Red Deer.
She was assessed and the results explained a lot of her sensory issues, behavioral issues, and struggles to learn to read.

Through the program and all the exercises we do daily, it is helping her slowly get past those things. There are days of relapse for sure, but I see good results from the vision therapy so far. I think this will really help her thrive.

I had never even heard of vision therapy before, now we are currently 11 weeks into a 40-week program for our 7-year-old daughter Joy. Your society is helping us financially with a huge portion of the therapy fees. Without your support, we would not be able to do vision therapy for our daughter.

Thank You!
-Rural Didsbury Family