Holloway Family

Meet Lachlan,

A Happy, fun loving cleaver and sometimes down right cranky 2 year old boy. He loves gymnastics and playing with his two older brothers, Parker who is 5 and Nolan who is 4. They are fantastic big brothers.

Nolan also has a little something special called Down Syndrome he keeps us on our toes even more! Sounds like a typical crazy family of 5 right?

The difference is that Lachlan has a Choroidal Fissure Cyst on the left side of his brain. What is that and what does it mean? It is a non cancerous cyst filled with spinal fluid, Usually they are found incidentally and no treatment is offered for these as they are usually small and do not grow. They are also in a tougher location to access.

Lachlans was found while having a scan for a different issue at 3 months old. We were then sent to the Neurology clinic at Alberta Childrens Hospital. He had an MRI and it was decided that he would be followed there to watch and see what happened. What happened next would lead to MRI’S ever 6 months to watch this growing cyst.

Lachlans cyst has been growing since it was found and is now quiet large pushing most of his memory structure out of the way. The Neurologist thinks that taking this out is the best way to prevent memory damage. If it has or would cause damage it would be to his memory and he would not be able to retrieve long term memory.

He cannot be IQ memory tested until he is around 6-8, until then we will not know if he has memory damage, so far he seems pretty darn smart! All we can do is try and prevent damage. He will be having his surgery Nov 19th and we are all hoping everything goes as planned.

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