The Cairns Family

Thanks to our relationship with the Ronald McDonald House, May’s ‘Family Of Hope’ was brought to our attention and we are so glad we were able to assist them in this extremely lengthy hospital stay.

Owen is a 4.5 year old boy with Down Syndrome. He was admitted to the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary on Feb 6th with two lung viruses, one being RSV. He was transferred to the PICU on the 7th and intubated and placed in a medically induced coma. He remained in a coma for 37 days over which time he experienced several life threatening events. While in the coma, Owen needed to receive a tracheotomy in order for us to progress his recovery.

On March 17th we were able to wake Owen from his coma. As of today, it has been 101 days since Owen first went into the hospital. We are on the road to recovery and will likely be able to bring him home within the next month or so. Hope 4 MVC Kids Society has provided us with some financial support so we don’t have to worry about the huge cost of food, accommodations, parking at the hospital and fuel driving back and forth. The support we have received has been overwhelming and we are just so grateful to have access to this in our community.

We look forward to helping return the generosity and supporting this organization in the future and we hope this helps encourage others too.
The Cairns Family from Olds