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Donate Your Coffee

In partnership with ATB Cares, your donation to Hope 4 MVC Kids Society goes right back into the community. Please consider skipping your coffee for

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Our Volunteer Board met through video conference and has made a decision, that for the safety of our families and board members during these uncertain times, we will suspend all applications until further notice. It is too much of a risk to purchase and deliver gift cards at this time or meet with our families’ in need. These are not easy decisions, we realize it will be a very difficult time for Charities like ours and we are all facing hardship through the loss of grants, donations, etc.
Hope 4 MVC Kids Society realizes the need is great - applications will most likely exceed funds. You can still help. Every little dollar counts. Please visit https://hope4mvckids.org/ for stories of hope and to donate.
Take care everyone, Your Hope 4 MVC Kids Society Board