About Us

Hope 4 MVC Kids Charity is committed to providing financial, therapeutic, and educational support to families of children in medical need.

What We Do

The Hope 4 MVC Kids Society assists families in Mountain View County in the following ways:

If a child in medical need is hospitalized for something on our Illness Supported List, the family can apply to the society for help with such expenses as parking, meals, fuel, utilities, groceries, accommodation (mortgage/rental agreement copies are required), and sibling care. Supporting documentation from a medical professional is needed to confirm the diagnosis.

If a child in medical need requires adaptive equipment for home or school, not covered by other sources, our society can provide financial assistance. Support documentation from a medical professional is required. If therapy is needed such as counselling, private o/t, p/t mental health care or alternative therapy such as healing hooves or hypnotherapy, not covered by insurance or other sources, we can assist with those costs – again, pending documentation from a medical professional. Should a family require help and support during a time of crisis, we have personal knowledge of where to go for help along with local and city-based resources.

Though we do not assess financial need, we do make evaluations of how much help we can provide a family based upon our society’s specific guidelines and criteria.

Specialized equipment and therapy are essential for independent living and can dramatically improve the quality of life for children at home and in school. This results in fewer hospital stays with minimum dependence upon the healthcare system. The Hope 4 MVC Kids Society provides vital assistance when all other forms of funding have failed. We ask that our applicants try to access medical insurance and Alberta Health Care before seeking our help.

Our History

Hope 4 MVC Kids Society is a non-profit society formed in November of 2013. It is run by volunteers, none of which get paid for their roles. All board members must sign a confidentiality agreement. The society was founded by Lisa Nicholson and co-founded by Suzanne Young.

Lisa has four children, two of whom have chronic medical conditions requiring prolonged hospitalizations, medical intervention and support. Another daughter has non-verbal, low-functioning autism and global development delay. Lisa has also worked with children with disabilities for many years and has found a great need for family support with only limited resources available in the local area.

In 2010, it was expressed by a medical professional that her daughter, Hope, needed a therapy pool. The local community helped raise $15,000 of the $20,000 needed for the purchase. Lisa wanted to pay this support forward and to ensure that families had somewhere local to go for help. This event was the genesis of the Hope 4 MVC Kids Society.

The Hope 4 MVC Kids Society runs on determination, love and hope for local children and families that they get the support they need when they need it most!

Our Team

Lisa Nicholson


I have four children. One of my daughters has a chronic medical condition, that requires prolonged hospitalizations and medical interventions/supports and another daughter has non verbal low functioning autism and global development delay. I also previously worked with children with disabilities for many years. I found a great need for support’s for families and found limited resources in our local area. In 2010 it was recommended from a medical professional that my daughter Hope needed a therapy pool. The local community helped raise $15,000 of the $20,000 needed. I wanted to pay this support forward but also wanted to ensure families had somewhere to go locally. So ‘Hope 4 MVC Kids Society’ was created.

HOBBIES: Travel, long nature walks with my family and dog I also love a good book with a glass of wine.

BUCKET LIST: South Africa Safari. Including Kruger National Park and Victoria Falls

Jennifer Reber

Family Application Director

I was looking to be a part of something great in the community. I knew of this society from when it first began and i became amazed to see just how much of a need there was for an organization like this. I feel very honored I was able to join the team. It is a fantastic feeling to know first hand what a positive impact it can make for families. I am very excited to watch where this will go next.

HOBBIES: I love painting and getting to be creative. I like the challenge of taking ideas from my head and bringing them to life.

BUCKET LIST: I am ready to start seeing more of the world.

April Mattson

Grants Director

I have always enjoyed being involved in my community, and having worked with children and as a Disability Caseworker for many years I was excited to get involved. This organization fills such a need and I love helping and making a difference.

HOBBIES: I love being with friends, going on adventures with my family, and reading (when I get the chance!)

BUCKET LIST: Learning to play a musical instrument, learning another language, and to travel to Hawaii.

Ken Tkachuk

IT Director

I was volun’told’. Lisa and Richard sourced me for my good looks. I actually love supporting community events and thought that this is a great way to give back.

HOBBIES: Golf. Music.

BUCKET LIST: Enter the world series of Poker main event

Richard Nicholson

General Board Member

I originally volunteered (or voluntold) for Hope 4 MVC Kids since it was formed. I applied to be on the board of directors in 2018 so that i could help to continue to support local families

HOBBIES: With having 4 kids, working full time, and trying to run and acreage, I really don’t have time for hobbies!

BUCKET LIST: Motor rally

Jamie Austin

General Director

I work with kids and support the idea of helping children andtheir families in a time when they need support

HOBBIES: Raise my boys to be fine young men. Slo-Pitch. Work


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