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We are dedicated to providing financial, therapeutic, and educational support to families of children in medical need.

RR #2, Site 15, Box 14
Olds, AB T4H 1P3
[email protected]
Tel: 403-507-2299

Board of Directors Contacts

FounderLisa Nicholson - [email protected]
Co-FounderSuzanne Young - [email protected]
ChairJennifer Reber - [email protected]
Co-ChairApril Mattson - [email protected]
Family Application DirectorKatie Dunn - [email protected]
SecretaryRich Nicholson - [email protected]
TreasurerBobbi Bartek - [email protected]
Grants DirectorDanielle King - [email protected]
Volunteer DirectorJen Forscutt - [email protected]
Marketing DirectorEliza Mudryk - [email protected]
Corporate EngagementsJamie Austin - corpe[email protected]
IT DirectorKen Tkachuk - [email protected]

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