Kids in Need

Hope 4 MVC Kids Society assists families in Mountain View County in a variety of ways from covering expenses to offering support.

Most of us are happy to help those in need, especially if someone knocks on the door or we see devastation – either natural or humanmade – on the news or social media. There are so many nonprofits and charities, each with a compelling reason to contribute, it can become difficult to decide whom to help and where to share our often-limited funds.

Unfortunately, it’s frequently children’s charities that disappear from the radar despite the incredible work performed by volunteers. All too often, smaller communities lack the resources or a formal means by which to lend help to families with children in need. Fortunately, for children in Mountain View County, there’s a charity established for that purpose and a willingness on the part of residents to meet the need – Hope 4 MVC Kids. Since its inception in 2013, this special charity has helped over 55+ kids and raised over $150,000 in support given to families.

Average working families and local businesses donate the majority of funds raised for this unique endeavour. That’s the beautiful thing about a charity that is started by local people to help local people. Community members step up to fill that need in whatever way they can. This local charity was started by Lisa Nicholson, who found herself in need and was helped by the community. Later, Lisa wanted to (not only) repay and pay forward the kindness.

Lisa and her family were “overwhelmed” by the kindness, compassion and generosity shown by the community and wanted to help other families with children in medical need. A society was founded which has now become a registered charity. The need remains, and for other families, the resources are there to move through a financially and emotionally trying time.

Hope 4 MVC Kids Society assists families in Mountain View County in a variety of ways from covering expenses for such items as parking, meals, fuel, utilities, groceries, accommodation, and sibling care. Support is also provided for adaptive equipment for home or school along with counselling, medical health care, alternative therapies and education.

The Hope 4 MVC Kids Charity runs on determination, love and hope for local children and families that they get the support they need when they need it most!

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