Gallery of Hope

Heartwarming gallery of grateful, local families with children in medical need who were helped through the Hope 4 MVC Kids Charity.

Hospital Supports

Holloway Family

Meet Lachlan, A Happy, fun loving cleaver and sometimes down right cranky 2 year old boy. He loves gymnastics and playing with his two older brothers, Parker who is 5 and Nolan who is 4. They are fantastic big brothers. Nolan also has a little something special called Down Syndrome

Daily Living Adaptations

Quintana Solis Family

Meet 3 year old Benjamin from Didsbury. The Quintana Solis family lives in Didsbury, originally from Mexico.  They have 2 daughters and 2 sons. Their youngest Benjamin was born with Achondroplasia.  Achondroplasia is a genetic form of dwarfism due to a problem of bone growth and development.  Achondroplasia is a common form

Bathroom Adaptations

McCullough Family

Meet 10 year old Jonah from Sundre. Diagnosed with mixed spastic dystonic cerebral palsy, hope4mvckids provided a new walk in shower to make bathing Jonah easier for his family.

Hospital Supports

Bond Family

We would like to thank Hope 4 Mountain View County Kids for financial and emotional support during our daughters hospitalization.  Sophie Lynn was born with a rare tumor inside her heart. She lived in the Stollery Children’s Hospital for the first 5 weeks of her life. She underwent 2 open-heart

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