Bond Family

We would like to thank Hope 4 Mountain View County Kids for financial and emotional support during our daughters hospitalization.  Sophie Lynn was born with a rare tumor inside her heart. She lived in the Stollery Children’s Hospital for the first 5 weeks of her life. She underwent 2 open-heart surgeries during this time to try to remove as much of the tumor as they could. Then she was just monitored as she healed.  During this time we received prepaid Mastercards and fuel cards from Hope 4 Mountain View County Kids to assist with cost of living.  Our stay at the Ronald McDonald House was also paid for during this time. 

  Sophie was stable enough to come home with us for a brief 4 weeks, being monitored weekly at the Children’s Hospital in Calgary.  Then on the 25th it was discovered that part of the tumor that was left in her heart broke off and parts were stuck in the artery blocking blood flow to her lungs.  She was flown to Edmonton on STARS and underwent 4 more surgeries in the next 2 weeks before passing away in our arms.  

 We appreciate everything that was done for us during this very difficult time. It was a blessing to know some of the bills we incurred while in Edmonton were being covered. (Food, fuel, and housing)