The playground can be a disappointing place for a little girl in a wheelchair, constrained to watching on as the kids around her run, climb, and swing. We are so grateful to Hope 4MVC Kids, Nu2U, the Olds Holy Trinity School, a generous community, and all of the volunteers that facilitated an accessible swing on the playground at Olds Holy Trinity School!

Mila was born with Amyoplasia Arthrogryposis, a diagnosis assigned to 1 in 10,000 babies. Aside from contractures of the joints in her arms and legs, Mila is a healthy six year old girl. We were so excited when the school notified us they had applied for funding to install an accessible swing on the playground for her! She now has a part of the playground she can safely enjoy, and it’s in a public area available to anyone in the community.

This is the second time we have been blessed by the Hope 4MVC Kids charity. We had applied to Alberta Aids for Daily Living for Mila’s power chair so she could attend kindergarten. One of the features we needed was a lift under the seat so she could raise herself up to use her feet, which she writes and colours with, but the lift isn’t covered by AADL. Hope 4MVC Kids paid for the lift in full, and it has given her the freedom to play and learn at the same level as her peers.

We want to thank everyone involved with these wonderful gifts and everyone who has donated!

Chris and Bobbi Valleau