The Keim Family

Our January ‘Family of Hope’ story is an update from a family we assisted last year. They reached out for some more help recently and were happy to give us an update. These days it seems we all need more feel good moments and these photos and kind words are so heartwarming to receive.

Sierra is our now 4 year old baby girl. She was born with a very rare genetic disorder which causes her to have lots of seizures. She is non verbal, she can’t walk, or talk, and is mostly blind. Sierra has been doing much better, and we haven’t seen a seizure for a while now, but she is still having minor seizures that we can’t see. Sierra started preschool in September 2021 and absolutely LOVES it! Her teacher, EA’s, OT, PT, vision, etc are all fantastic.

Since Sierra is growing so much and has already started to progress with her scoliosis, she really needed something she could use in our living space upstairs that would help with her posture and prolong her scoliosis. That’s when I decided it was time to contact Hope 4 MVC Kids for some help in getting a special tomato chair (picture below of Sierra in her chair) and tray so she can combine proper posture and the use of her iPad (also from Hope 4 MVC Kids). Sierra used to either lay on the couch, or on a bean bag chair on the floor…but now she has the proper seating all thanks to Hope 4 MVC Kids!

Sierra is still working hard on using her switches with her iPad as well. She uses it almost everyday!

We can’t thank Hope 4 MVC Kids enough for all of their support for Sierra. Your kindness and generosity does not go unnoticed.-Love The Keim’s Carstairs