Our world was turned upside down when our daughter in law ended up in the hospital with some complications while pregnant with our twin grandbabies. Sadly our grandson did not survive the ordeal and our granddaughter ended up in the Children’s Hospital. Our families were devastated and our son was going between two hospitals to see his wife at one and his daughter at the other.

The worst thing was happening which just happened to be during a pandemic. Unemployment had also affected our families and now we didn’t know how we would be able to afford the costs associated with the devastation at hand.

A coworker told me to reach out to Hope 4 MVC Kids and let them know about our situation. We were overwhelmed with the generosity from such an amazing organization. Lodging, food, fuel and parking were looked after and also the costs associated with our grandson’s cremation.

During such a dire time in our lives, everything combined was too overwhelming to bear on our own. Thankfully with the help from Hope 4 MVC Kids life was a little easier to manage and we could concentrate on the important things instead of worrying about finances.

We will be forever grateful.