Chemo Therapy | Hair Wig

In July 2019 our 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor after she suffered a series of seizures. She was never really sick as a kid so this was a huge shock to us. The type of tumor is rare in children so it has been a lot of back and forth while the doctors decided how the best way to treat her would be. Part of the complication is that the tumor has “fingers” that are touching the part of the brain that controls her speech, face muscles and a major artery. Fulling removing it is not an option as the risk is too high. The doctors decided to remove a portion of it and then treat the rest with Radiation and Chemo.

16 Weeks of Radiation and Chemo, then a full year of Chemo continuing through to spring 2021 with regular MRI to keep an eye on the tumor. As of today the tumor is stable. Not growing, but also not shrinking. They anticipate her having to do it all over again within the next 5 years. It has been a long and exhausting road so far. Countless trips to the Children’s Hospital and Tom Baker Center. Then you throw in a Pandemic…

Hope4MVCKids has been there for us since the beginning. They have provided help with fuel, food and above all, a quality natural real hair wig for our Daughter. She started out this journey with long, thick, dark, curly hair and was devastated when the doctors told her she would loose it all for the full year she was doing treatment. Nice quality wigs that can stand up to daily wear for a year or more by a busy teenager are not cheap! It had the price tag of $3570. Hope4MVCkids bought it! It matched her real hair perfectly, giving her the confidence to carry on. As her hair started to fall out she wasn’t hardly phased because she knew she had back up. Our family is so extremely thankful for the support Hope4MVCKids has provided.