The Hoffman Family

Madelyn has been using her iPad given to us by Hope 4 MVC Kids for almost a year now and it has really helped her to be more engaged in her activities and when she is in an unhappy mood or in her standing frame. It helps her with her vision rehab and with tracking and identifying things on the screen. It also helps her to learn how to do several things at once. We also received help to get her ankle braces from Hope 4 MVC Kids in September to help her when she is standing. It’s one of her very favorite things to do and the added ankle support is so big for her now that she is getting bigger.

Madelyn is a generally very happy and smiley girl, so anything that helps her interact and play with her big brother are huge benefits for her. We thank Hope 4 MVC Kids for all the help they have given to help Madelyn succeed in our adventures.